In 2024, we fulfilled the dream of expanding Pucté Bacalar by creating Pucté Loft, a charming 60m² space elevated at the highest part of the original construction. This project originated from a rooftop that we transformed with an impressive Palapa, giving rise to an open loft with a mezzanine. This project, which took two years of conceptualization and eight months of construction, is a testament to dedication and creativity.

Pucté Loft offers an open and cozy design. In the high windows, the wind reveals distant views of the majestic Laguna Bacalar, providing a serene environment to wake up with the sun and enjoy a shower among the trees.
The mezzanine houses two single beds, while the main bedroom is equipped with a King size bed, ensuring a comfortable rest. The open kitchen, strategically located within a niche, has become one of the design's greatest successes, offering functionality and style.
The living room, foyer, and dining area harmoniously integrate into this open space, creating an environment of interaction and conviviality. Pucté Loft is the perfect place to enjoy the natural beauty and tranquility of Laguna Bacalar in a carefully designed environment for comfort and connection with nature.

Design Concept: Ferrmaria Castañeda
Interior Design: Claudia Vazquez & Ferrmaria Castañeda
Project Manager: Claudia Vazquez
Architects: Bruna Alves & Manuel Aquilar
Photography: Lucrecia Sepúlveda & Ezequiel Izaguirre
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