Semilla - Objeto
A tribute to the cycle of tropical wood

This exhibition commemorates the ten years of "ITZ Taller & Estudio." It is a journey that explores the connection between the tropical rainforest of southern Quintana Roo, Mexico, and the use of wood in design. From the meticulous study of timber trees to mastery in artisanal techniques, this exhibition celebrates the metamorphosis of nature into unique furniture.
The idea behind this exhibition is to create a gallery within the jungle or a jungle within the gallery, bringing visitors closer to an immersive experience that allows them to understand the story that goes from a seed to a tree, including the participation of various plants in the growth process of the tropical forest in southern Mexico. The main axis of this exhibition is diversity, both in botanical terms and among us in the world. It is a space that seeks to promote inclusion and serve as a dialogue table where we can all live in harmony in this world.
The exhibition was designed in the house of Fundación Marso in the Juárez neighborhood, Mexico City, and was inaugurated on October 14, 2023, with a lecture by Architect Karina Flores Flores on the proper utilization of tropical woods in Mexico. Nine species of tropical wood were presented. More than just a catalog, these species are showcased through a selection of furniture that highlights the beauty and uniqueness of each type of wood. The main piece of the exhibition consists of a metaphor of a tree where the table and chairs represent the trunk and roots, and the installation above represents the canopy of the trees. The intention of the Semilla-Objeto exhibition is to raise awareness about the richness of these species, the time it takes for a seed to become an object, the intrinsic value they possess, and the dedicated work behind their creation.
Creative Director, Art Director, Curator: Ferrmaria Castañeda
Graphic Design: Nadia Moreno
Furniture Design: Ania Wolowska
Video: Lucrecia Sepúlveda & Ezequiel Izaguirre
Photography: Lucrecia Sepúlveda & Ezequiel Izaguirre
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